Thursday, 20 October 2011

Team Officials

  • Head of Delegation("HOD") - Andrew Giblon
          Andrew has a lot of experience at WYCC’s having already attended 3 prior WYCC’s and serving as assistant Head of Delegation already at two of these.

  • Assistant HOD - Gary Gladstone
          Gary has been involved in Canadian Chess for many years. Gary has served as CFC governor, working towards supporting youth Chess. He was also the team Captain at the World Youth U16 Olympiad last year.

  • CFC Youth Co-ordinator - Patrick McDonald

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Team members, Coaches and Sponsors

  • List of team members 
No Section Player
1 U- 08 Girls Taylor Zhang
2 U- 08 Girls Jeannie Yiying Zhang
3 U- 08 Open Sergey Noritsyn
4 U- 08 Open Frank Wang
5 U- 08 Open Rohan Shyam Talukdar
6 U- 08 Open Luke Pulfer
7 U- 10 Girls Constance Zhaoxing Wang
8 U- 10 Girls Lily Zhou
9 U- 10 Girls Varshini Paraparan
10 U- 10 Open Yuanchen Zhang
11 U- 10 Open Dinny Wang
12 U- 12 Girls Melissa Giblon
13 U- 12 Girls Dorsa Moayyed
14 U- 12 Girls Rachel  Tao
15 U- 12 Girls Qiyu Zhou
16 U- 12 Open Olivier Kenta Chiku-Ratte
17 U- 12 Open Razvan Preotu
18 U- 12 Open Michael Ji Yu Song
19 U- 14 Girls Joanne Foote
20 U- 14 Girls Louisa Qian Qian Hou
21 U- 14 Girls Rebecca Giblon
22 U- 14 Open Richard Wang
23 U- 14 Open Bryant Yang
24 U- 14 Open Yimang Yang 
25 U- 14 Open Mark Plotkin
26 U- 14 Open Agastya Kalra
27 U- 14 Open James Fu
28 U- 16 Girls Chang Yun
29 U- 16 Girls Kimia Moayyed
30 U- 16 Girls Regina-Veronicka Kalaydina
31 U- 16 Girls Myriam Roy
32 U- 16 Girls Tina Fang
33 U- 16 Open David Zhang
34 U- 16 Open Simon Gladstone
35 U- 16 Open Mikhail Ivanov
36 U- 16 Open Nikita Gusev
37 U- 16 Open Konstantin Semianiuk
38 U- 18 Girls Yelizaveta Orlova
39 U- 18 Girls Linda Fu
40 U- 18 Open Loren Laceste

     U8 Open Sergey Noritsyn

U8 Open Luke Pulfer
                  U8 Open Rohan Talukdar
                       U10 Girls Lilly Zhou
                     U10 Girls Varshini Paraparan
U12 Girls QiYu Zhou
                           U12 Girls Rachel Tao
                   U12 Girls Melissa Giblon

U12 Open Razvan Preotu

       U12 Open Michael Song with his sister Emily
                   U14 Girls Rebecca Giblon
                U14 Open Richard Wang

                     U14 Open Agastya Kalra
                           U16 Girls Chang Yun

                   U16 Girls Myriam Roy

U16 Open David Zhang

                    U16 Open Mikhail Ivanov

                         U16 Open Nikita Gusev

                 U16 Open Simon Gladstone
U18 Open Loren Laceste

  • List of coaches
 IM Nikolay Noritsyn
   Nikolay was Canadian champion in 2007 (second youngest ever at age 16), and a member of the 2008 and 2011 Canadian Olympiad team. Nikolay has been coaching for many years, including at the Roman Pelts Chess Academy, as well as private students including his brother Sergey who this year became Canadian Boys U8 champion.

 FM Andrew Peredun
  FM Andrew Peredun has also been teaching youth chess for several years. Players that competed in the Ontario Youth Chess Championships may remember Andrew for his animated analysis of games played at this tournament.

 Mikhail Egorov
 Mikhail Egorov is a well known chess instructor and coach from the Hamilton area of Ontario. Several of Canada’s top youth chess players have or have had Mikhail as a coach helping them along their path.

  • List of sponsors
 MarTour International 
Toronto: 1595 Bloor st W . Toronto ont, M6P 1A6

                  416 536 5458 ext 235 / 1800 661 8772

Montreal: 411 De Castelnau, Montreal QC H2R 1R1

                   514 271 9422 / 1 877 699 9422

-- Post by Robert Song
-- More photos will be pulished when they are available.