Saturday, 17 September 2011

Visa Update - September 16, 2011

Hi all,

We just came back from the Brazil Consulate and they would not accept the documents without the invitation letter. Their Vice Consul told them not to accept the team's documents until we receive the invitation letters. We just signed the application form with the officer and they stamped it but didn't take the documents; we will have to come back there a second time to drop off the documents once we have everything.

Also, they would not give the visa if the passport expires within the next 6 months; they are very strict about it. So check it carefully beforehand before going there.

Alexey and Tatyana Noritsyn.
Alexey and Tatyana, thanks for the update. You are correct and it's unfortunate that the Vice Consul decided to override the commitment that the Consultate staff had already provided in writing. The good news is that Patrick has now gotten an email today from the WYCC organizers that they will email him a signed PDF invitation letter, with all Canadian team member names, by this Monday.

Very good point that your passport needs to valid for at least 6 months. I believe that 6 months is from the last date of your planned trip, not from the date of application. This is quite common across all countries that issue visas.


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