Saturday, 17 September 2011

WYCC in Brazil Patrick McDonald's Email September 11, 2011

Dear WYCC 2011 Canadian Youth Team,

I have a couple of things for you just now:

First of all, please see the attached final (at least up to this date) list of the team going to the WYCC in Brazil this year. (an updated list will be posted to the blog shortly)

Second, I would like to congratulate Andrew Giblon and Gary Gladstone as being selected your Head of Delegation and Assistant Head of Delegation respectively!

I am very confident that these two people are VERY capable for this task. Both Andrew and Gary have already done a lot for the team. Even before being selected for these roles, both of these parents took the time to go the extra mile for the whole team by finding information for the team and trying to work with a travel agent to secure some discounts/flights to be able to afford more in the way of coaching staff.
(on top of that, you have all had communications with Cheryl, Andrew’s wife and Gary’s sister with all the work she put in for our team in organizing the names and fees payable.)

Andrew has a lot of experience at WYCC’s having already attended 3 prior WYCC’s and serving as assistant Head of Delegation already at two of these.

Gary has been involved in Canadian Chess for many years. Gary has served as CFC governor, working towards supporting youth Chess. He was also the team Captain at the World Youth U16 Olympiad last year.

I am sure that you will all find that having these two very capable and experienced people at the head of your team will serve to ensure that your experience at the WYCC will be a very positive one.

This is a very important role for the team as there needs to be someone(people) onsite that will help  with arrangements with the organizers, organize the team for team meetings, serve as your liaison for any issues that come up etc.

I know that in the two WYCC’s that I attended, in the days where we only had one coach and not HOD, it was always a lot of work to just take care of the administrative “stuff” and that often fell to the coach … meaning that the players had even less time with the coach.

I am sure you can expect some communications from your Heads of Delegation very soon. I am sure you will all welcome these two and help them out in any way you can, understanding all the time that these positions will take from their time with their kids (they are both parents accompanying their kids to the WYCC)

Thank You,
Patrick S McDonald IA
Youth Coordinator – Chess Federation of Canada

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