Saturday, 17 September 2011

WYCC Update from Andrew Giblon - September 15, 2011

Team, here is an update since my recent introductory email.

1.       Team members. The list of team members is pretty much firmed up. Two or three players have decided not to attend, but we are still at about 40 players, a record. A big thank you to Patrick, to my wife Cheryl, and to Gerry (from the CFC Office) for patiently and accurately processing every form.

2.       Brazil visas. I went to the Brazil Consulate in Toronto this week to drop off my application.
a.       Bad news: They insisted on an invitation letter from the WYCC organizers, even though I had with me an email from the same Consulate that waived this requirement. Also, it took forever to drive there in the morning (1.5 hours from Thornhill), and they are open only from 9 am – 1 pm, Monday-Friday.
b.      Good news: They will accept a signed invitation letter by email to or by fax to 416.922.1832. As well, the rest of my paper-work (passport, application form, photo, photocopy of vaccination certificate, money order) was acceptable to them. Finally, the lineup took only 5 minutes until I was served, and it took only 15 minutes for them to review my paper-work.

Now that we have finalized the list of players, Patrick has requested a signed invitation letter from the WYCC in PDF format which lists all of our players (not one letter per player). Patrick or I will keep you posted on the progress of this request.

3.       Side trips. Some parents have asked me about side trips that they are considering. Gary and I and our chess-playing children are going to Rio de Janeiro for the 4 days prior to the WYCC. If you would like further information about flights, hotels and tours there, please let us know.

4.       Volunteers. We need volunteers! There are many things that need to get done for your child’s benefit, not enough people to do them, and they don’t get done by themselves. Gary and I will be contacting some of you over the next week to ask for your help. Please say “yes.” Even better, please contact us now to volunteer!

5.       Coaches. I am pleased to report that Patrick has secured a second coach and he is in discussions with a possible third coach. Patrick plans to provide an update shortly, including the names and qualifications of the additional coaches.

Andrew Giblon

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