Saturday, 19 November 2011

Little Stories

Finally we got (somewhat) stable internet connection. I’ll start to write some little stories about WYCC. Thanks to the organizers of CYCC, we can have three coaches on site. I believe this is a record, yet we hope to break it soon. Our team meetings and T-shirts are the envy of some other teams. I talked to some parents from the USA team, and they admire our team spirit.
There are a lot of obstacles we are facing here. In round two, many kids had difficulties getting into the play venue. Jeannie (U8G)’s mom wanted to escort her daughter into the hall, but was not allowed. A lot of parents tried to get in, thus blocked the only door. Constance (U10G) wanted to prove her bravery and went by herself. After five minutes, she still couldn’t get through the human wall. I went close to the door and told the parents/coaches that she’s a player. They made way for her. However, all of a sudden some parents broke the form and rushed in. I was afraid Constance would get crushed. Chang (U16G)’s mom went in with the flow and checked for the Canadian contingent. Many of us were relieved when she reported that the kids were ready to play.
Apparently we’ll go a little bit earlier for the remaining rounds.

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