Monday, 21 November 2011

Rest Day

Today is the rest day. The water park is also closed. Some people went for a city tour. Many others just rested, had fun, and did their homework. Maybe jet lag is still affecting us. We were not the only ones who missed breakfast (that means we got up later than 10am). It felt so good to sleep in after the double round day.
Fortunately the lunch starts at noon. After that, the coaches started to work. Feeling more confident about tomorrow’s games, a group of little girls heading for the pool and were joined by a few other Canadian players. The pools are very hot. There is a hot tube that provides the hot water to the pools. I took the job of overseeing the young girls playing in the water slides. After they slid down from the big and medium size slides numerous times, I finally managed to persuade them to go back to their hotel rooms. Some other parents were also enjoying the pool, while others were chatting under the sunshine.
For the first time I saw so many young and old kids in the restaurant at 7:00pm sharp (the hours for dinner is 7 to 10pm). I guess they must be hungry from the outdoor exercises. After dinner, most children began to do homework. A parent from another country was very surprised when I told him that we brought homework here. He thought that we Canadians elementary school kids were having fun only at school. Now he knows that our kids are having fun while learning.

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