Sunday, 27 November 2011

Round 9 and last meeting pictures from George Zhou

Michael Song, U12 Boys won the 3rd place trophy

Michael Song, U12 Boys won the 3rd place trophy

Michael Song, U12 Boys won the 3rd place trophy
Michael Song, in round 9, won 3rd place in U12 Open
Taylor Zhang, won Round 9, and 5th place Medal in U8 Girls
Yuan Chen Zhang, Won 9th place in U10 Boys

Jeannie Zhang, U8 Girls, beated Indian Player

Taylor Zhang, U8 Girls beat Gombocz Zsofia of Hungary

Lily Zhou, U10 Girls beated Blond Hanten Elsa (FIDE rating 1520) in Round 9, Lily Zhou won 4 games though she just started playing chess only one year ago.

Constance Wang, U10 Girls, won against Major Polina of Bahama
Jeannie Zhang selecting small gift
Taylor Zhang with Coach Nikolay before getting on Bus on departure day

Nikolay Noritsyn, great coach, has prepared many games exactly

Coaches after 9th round

Dinny Wang

Dinny Wang U10 Open

Dinny with Mom after last round

Dorsa in last round



Frank Wang, U8 open in last round

Frank and Dinny Wang's parent after 9th round

Frank Wang in last round

excited after 9th round

Jeannie with Mom

Jeannie Zhang after 9th round

Jeannie with Mom after last round

Jeannie Zhang, beated oppenent in only 6 moves

Taylor Zhang choosing present, great finish in U8Girls, 5th place

last meeting

Coach Andrew in last meeting

last meeting of Canada

Andrew in the last meeting of Canada Team, great summary of each player, fantastic job, Andrew.

Lily in game 9th round

Lily with Dad after 9th round

Moms waiting outside of the playing hall during 9th round

Lily Zhou after 9th round,

Luke in the game round 9 U8 Open

Luke with Mom after 9th round

Luke is choosing the present from Canada Team

Melissa in last round U12 Girls

Michael Song, U10 Boys, in last round, finished the best in whole Canada Team, won 3rd place trophy

Thanks to Coach Nikolay, Lily Zhou, U10 Girls beat a few much higher rating players with the great preparing by Nikolay despite Lily has only 1 year chess practice.

Coach Nikolay analyzes games for last round

Olivier in last round

Razvan in last round

Rachael in last round

Rachael after last round

Rohan in 9th round

Sergey in 9th round

Sergey in last round, U8 open

Taylor Zhang in last round

Taylor Zhang U8Girls 5th place

Taylor Zhang after last round

Tina after round 9

Varshini in last round U10 Girls

Yuan Chen U10 Open

Yuan Chen Zhang in last round U10 Open

Yuan Chen waiting to record result in last round

Zhou Qiyu in last round, finished 12th in U12 Girls


  1. Wow! Everything about this year's team - the results, photos, coaching, support, gifts, etc. - has been amazing. Congratulations Team Canada! Have a safe trip home & keep working towards a bright future.


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