Saturday, 26 November 2011

R8 photoes by George Zhou

Canada Team

 Frank with Mom
Coach Nikolay analyzing the game
 Analyzing games
have fun, forget the game
 Jeannie Zhang in round 8

Liang(possibly chamipion of U8)'s father introduce how he trained his kids
 Lily in Round 8
 Luke in Round 8 against a Chinese player
 Melissa in Round 8
Michael Song in Board 1
 Michael, Round 8, Board 1

 Moms waiting
 Analyzing games
 Oliver in round 8

Parents waiting near the exit of playing hall
 forget the game, have fun, younger kids playing in Canada Room
 Rachael in round 8
 Razvan in round 8
Rohan in round 8
Round 8 starts

Sergey waiting opponent
 Sergey is thinking in round 8
smile after winning the game
 Taylor in round 8
 Varshini in round 8
Lily and Vashini in Round 8
view from board 1
 Yuanchen in round 8
 Qiyu in round 8
 Qiyu won the game
 Qiyu's parents
 Qiyu with Mom after having won the round 8
Parents waiting
Canada Team
After Games

 win or lose, doesn't matter, have fun!

 playing blitz games
 analyzing games
 paper art by Zhou Qiyu's mom
 Board 1

proud family      

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