Thursday, 24 November 2011

Round 6 happy day

Most players came out earlier in Round 6 won the game, here are some pictures taking after winning round 6
 Girls cheering after all friends win Round 6
 making friend with Guo Shuo (who played at Board 1 in Round 6)
 Luke and Mom smiles after won today's game (now 5 points out of 6 rounds)
Rohan and Dad is happy after winning all last 3 rounds.
 Frank Wang
 Jeannie Zhang won the game in 6 moves
 Lily Zhou won the game after having blundered a piece at beginning
 Luke won the game
 Melissa Giblon
 Michael Song
 Michael shaing hands with his 6th opponent
 Rachael smiles at the beginning of 6th round and won the game
 Rohan with Dad

Qiyu Zhou

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